Hi! Welcome to Everlastale Publishing!

Are you trying to figure out what to do after you have written your book? Would you love to see it get published and still retain all the rights of the book and receive higher royalties? Sounds good? That's self-publishing. Self- publishing though can be overwhelming, and without a proper guidance, it can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating.

We, at Everlastale, will walk with you through the entire publishing process and strive to bring your book to life the easiest and hassle-free way. Consider us the map that helps you take your dream and turn it into a reality.

Here are some advantages you get as an author:

Great Solutions

You will have more options to start your self-publishing journey. We offer a variety of services at the most reasonable price. By incorporating the latest technologies and best industry practices, one thing you can be certain of, best quality book.

Author Involvement

At Everlastale Publishing, we view publishing your book as a partnership. We want your insight, and we will use it to create the best product possible.

Unprecedented Support

We provide the personal attention, time and effort into each book. We always listen to what you have to say & help you reach your goals.

Full Control

Everlastale will publish and market your book according to your preferences. And best of all, you get to retain all rights to your book and receive 80% royalties of your book sales.


Will have your book available to the market in less time. Thanks to Print-On-Demand technology, books are immediately printed, shipped & distributed as they are ordered.

These are just few of the reasons why you should join us. By choosing Everlastale, the opportunities available to you are endless.

We’d love to hear about your book!