Self-publication is the publishing of one’s work independently or by the author at his/her own expense.
Self-publishing a book is much quicker than traditional publishing, which takes about a year or more. By following the guidelines set by Everlastale, and submitting in any of the preferred formats, your book can be readily available for worldwide distribution four months after the date your manuscript is received.
This is exactly as it sounds. This is a fulfillment method that print books based on their demand or as ordered. The upfront printing and shipping cost are reduced and storage areas are eliminated.
Compared to traditional publishing, this is a quicker route to get your book out. By retaining the rights to the book, you have full control of it and its direction.
Yes, definitely. Since your contract with Everlastale is non-exclusive, you can print your book with as many publishers or agents as you wish.
Your contract with Everlastale is open-ended which basically means that you are not bound to stay with us for a period of time and with set terms. Simply put, you can take your work and publish it elsewhere or have a contract with them without violating the terms of Everlastale.
You are able to cancel your contract with Everlastale for any reason. Simply inform us in writing and our agreement will be terminated. However, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our services and will find no reason to discontinue working with us.
In publishing, a copyright is an exclusive, legal right assigned to the original writer of a story or a book.
The author automatically owns a copyright of his original work. It is not necessary, however registering your work with the U.S. Copyright office means you are making it known to the public your ownership of that work. It protects your book from being copied and published by someone else.
Yes, Everlastale offers this service. You may ask your publishing consultant for additional information regarding this.
It stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique, commercial book identifier, a thirteen-digit number assigned to books published internationally to quickly identify a title or its edition from one publisher.
Yes. This numeric set identifies you as the publisher of your work. Once you have an ISBN for your book, it becomes the number assigned to it for life. Your book remains yours even if you change printers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc.
You can purchase an ISBN from R. R. Bowker. Everlastale also includes this in its publishing packages.
An ISBN gets placed on the copyright page and, if there is no bar code, it can be spotted on the back cover.
An ISBN is a set of numbers. A bar code is the graphic with vertical lines that encodes numerical information for scanning purposes.
We are an independent publishing company that offers you great quality and affordable services and print-on-demand technology to authors who wish to become published. Our aim is to provide excellent services through our devoted team of consultants, editors, formatters, designers, copywriters, copyeditors, book marketers who will devote their time and effort in helping you realize your publishing goals.
The entire team at Everlastale has a passion for helping authors get their book out to the world. We always put the authors first, reach out to them, listen to what they have to say and continuously seek to improve our services to provide authors with nothing but the best products in the world of publishing industry.
Self-publishing involves a thorough checklist of prepublication, publication process, post publication, promotion/book marketing, and bookkeeping of sales.
Yes, we cater to clients anywhere around the world. In fact, we even have worldwide distribution included among features of our publishing packages.
Yes, as long as we have the font to support it.
With Everlastale, you can bypass a literary agent. You will have unprecedented assistance from our consultants, editors, marketers, etc. who will thoroughly discuss your goals with you and choose the right services to reach those goals.
You may check out our website and sign up for any publishing package of your choice. Within 24 hours, you will be contacted by one of our competent publishing consultants to discuss your publishing interests and goals.
A royalty is a small amount or a percentage paid to the author for every number of books sold.
While one company differs in royalty computation from another, you earn royalties from each book sold excluding your own purchase.
Once you have achieved your goal of publishing your book and want to earn money from it, there are many ways to guarantee that book gets purchased. As a published author who wants to earn an income through book selling, you don’t just sit and wait for your title to get added to cart. There are various marketing means that can make you earn more on a daily basis. It all depends on your effort, persistence and investment.