Refund Policy

Only 70% of the payable amount shall be credited back to customers in the event that a refund is requested. The other 30% is non-refundable given that it is required for the customer's preferred service(s) to commence. And this is only applicable once a completed Order Form has been submitted to Everlastale

Full refund requests will be honored if they are made within a month from the date of the customer's purchase so as long as a completed Order Form has not been submitted yet.

Refund requests, either full or partial, will no longer be honored if (1) the client fails to submit the required Order Form within one month from the date of purchase and (2) once the client has submitted a completed and signed Approval Form of their preferred service(s).

Payment-wise, specifically checks, we will not be held liable for any check payments except for those sent to the address specified below, which is the only one address where we receive such payments.

3846 Sorrowing Sparrow Court
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032, USA

Everlastale reserves the right to discontinue or terminate the publiciation of the client's work without cause and at any time given that there are evidences that prove that the client's work pose inauspicious commercial upshots and a risk of litigation to Everlastale. The right granted by the client to the company to self-market and self-publish their work on their behalf then automatically reverts back to them. A written noticen will provided to the client 30 days in advance of Everlastale legally terminating the self-publication of the client's work.

Everlastale will accommodate refund requests upon the client's request to terminate an agreement for any of the following reasons: (1) the agreement was terminated after the client submitted the manuscript but prior to the beginning of the interior design, and if (2) the agreement was terminated after the start of the interior design but prior to the completion of the preview of the digital form.

The right of the client to claim a refund will be forfeited if they fail to provide the necessary materials in self-publishing their book before six months have passed from the date of their order submission. Refunds related to either pre- and/or post-publication services including, but not limited to, copy-editing, book sales, designs, and general corrections, will not provide by Everlastale. Furthermore, Everlastale will not offer refunds to publications to later editions of the client's work and when the company terminates or discontinues the agreement with the client due to breach of contract on the part of the client.

In the event that Everlastale breaches a contract with a client, they are then entitled to a full. However, only 50% of the purchase price will be refunded to the client if the agreement was terminated after the client had already submitted their manuscript but has not begun interior design yet. Lastly, only 25% of the purchase price if the agreement was terminated after the start of the interior design but before the completion of the preview of the digital form.