Self-Publishing Process Flow

Self-publishing is now easier than ever. Everlastale will help you through all the steps of creating a quality book and realizing your dream of becoming a published author!

Phases of Self-Publishing & Turnaround Time

1. DEVELOPMENT: This is where your book is born. At Everlastale, our Publishing Consultants will convey your ideas, provide advice and support while allowing you to maintain creative control over all aspects of your book. Here, we will identify and select the appropriate package that your book requires.

This is also the part where you send your materials to us. After receipt of all your materials, Everlastale will review them and ensure that they are ready for production.

TAT: 2-3 days

2. PRODUCTION: This is where we bring your book to life. The production stage will involve the ff. elements: formatting & layout, cover & interior design, pricing, registration of ISBN, LOC & Copyright, and preview of digital & physical proof. Every element is subject to author’s approval to make sure that you get what you have envisioned for your book.

After the approval of proofs, Everlastale will then begin printing your book.

TAT: 3-6 weeks

3. POST-PRODUCTION: The book is printed. You’re done! Although, Everlastale’s commitment does not end here, we will distribute your book to a multitude of bookstores and online retailers so you will reach more readers in less time. Everlastale will also help you choose and implement the best marketing & publicity campaign for your book to maximize sales potential.

Off-course, reports will be made available in order for you to track the sales generated and the results of your marketing efforts.

TAT: 3-6 weeks

- Turnaround time will vary depending on the length of time it takes for proofs to be reviewed, the number of corrections the author makes, and how online retailers operate.

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